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low cost software development
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About Company

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Futuristic Software, exclusive technology and reliable customer service add yet more to the key areas solvetrack score. Competitive pricing without any surprise charges also makes our service worth every bit of your time and money. Moreover, specialized and individualized care is taken for each website as a final step towards the completion of the works.

To provide strong and quality IT enabled services to the corporate world as well as individuals who needs the best and who values quality by providing them more economical and unique products which would deliver them the solutions for their entire needs.

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Simplified Solutions to Fit Your Unique Business


We designed to address industry-specific challenges for all business.



Software tailor-made for addressing everything spanning operations, finance, IT and the executive level.


Migrating from any solution without the depth of functionality you require, we help you gain the right technology fit.



We works with your individual business requirements and IT infrastructure.

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Innovation & Trust

Innovation and continued improvement in the software is based on the feedback and request of our customers. Our customers can rest easy and trust that we have their best interest in mind when determining the product.

Value for Flexibility

We have designed to be modular, so you can save money by deploying just what you need upfront, and then add functionality as you grow or decide to expand the solution.


We focus on making our software work in your operation while solving complex business challenges with a simple approach. We provide a unified, tightly knit platform, and you can be confident everything will work together seamlessly.

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